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Welcome to Bika's ISO 17025 ready LIMS demonstration installation configured for Chemistry and Microbiology - suitable for laboratories in Agriculture, Environmental and Water Quality Management, Food and beverages and the Chemistry disciplines, Mining, Petroleum, etc.

Cutting Edge

This is version 1.2.8 of Bika evolution, Senaite, running a very basic configuration for chemistry and microbiology. Known demo issues

The core Bika and Senaite open source LIMS developers are near done through the migration from Bika LIMS 3.4, Cannabis and Water, and picking up tremendous momentum, see The Year that was

Email for lab manager credentials. Please include information about your lab, nature of tests, region and yourself for best assistance. After recent uncouth data entries, we also want to protect the demo's look and feel;-)

Manual. Resources

Please see First Senaite User Manual entries, still a little gap-toothed - please also consult the Bika 3 User Manual, dated now, basics still hold true. Else, please post user questions to the  user list and Senaite discourse board, and and developer questions to very lively Gitter

Do Google first, there is a big Bika knowledge base online. Bika user list archive · Community · Translations

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