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Bika/Senaite LIMS Demonstration installation

Sawubona, wamkelekile!

Welcome to Bika's Open Source LIMS demonstration installation for Chemistry and Microbiology - in this case configured for the food and beverages industry, and features a full set of food safety regulations as specifications

Bika LIMS does chemistry very well, to ISO 17025 standard, and with the correct configuration, the same for many other disciplines - different tests, methods and sample types. Most labs only interface their instruments and configure the rest for a good fit.


 for lab manager credentials. Please include information about your lab, nature of tests, region and yourself for best assistance. We also want to preserve the demo's look and feel;-)


Upgraded to Bika Senaite 2.3 on a fresh installation including Bika add-ons. It is fully configured and at the time of writing still few Samples, Analyses and Worksheets. Please feel free to create more of your own


Informative bug reports are greatly appreciated, please log your finds in the LIMS demo tracker and do not hesitate to  with any questions you might have


Please see the User Manual, post to the  user group or Slack room, developer questions to very lively Gitter lobby. Please do Google first, there is a big Bika knowledge base online. The Bika Corral · Community

Bika Senaite Training Videos

Bika Open Source LIMS Video  Bika Sample Batch registration

Bika Open Source LIMS Video  Receiving and labelling Samples

Bika Open Source LIMS Video  Worksheets, Results and QC

Bika Open Source LIMS Video  Instrument Interfacing  




Bika Open Source LIMS Video  Results Verification and Publication

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